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All Designed Learning professional courses are derived from
evidence-based research that can be implemented immediately in your classroom.

Focus on comprehension.

As a teachers you are an expert at comprehension, so great at it, its difficult to understand when students struggle. Many resources focus on many different comprehension skills simultaneously, which doesn’t support your classroom instruction. Focus on fewer tasks that show students’ understanding, and deliberate practice leading to more effective learning.

Understand what they read

Students need to understand what they read or they don’t learn from texts. This starts with the word meanings (vocabulary), and facilitated by reading fluency. Designed Learning is about explicit instruction to understand texts, with foundations word knowledge and fluency.

Effective instructional materials

Designed Learning bases all instructional materials on evidence-based research, that has worked in other schools and can be implemented easily by teachers. These materials provide curriculum-based tasks, and ongoing assessments that provide teachers with clear information about students’ learning.

What Teachers Have Been Saying

Professional Learning Secrets Every Teacher Needs To Know.


Teacher Grade 3

"Thanks so much, this program has helped me to understand how to teach students to understand what they read."


Teacher Grade 5

"These lessons, and their assessments, help me to know what my students need to learn next, thanks for this direction to keep learning more and more."


Primary Teacher Grade 3-4

"I love how my students can answer correctly! Yes, they groan at some of your jokes, and they also smile, when the feedback says this will help them learn, it’s such a positive lesson every time!"

Available Courses

Reading Comprehension
THE reason for reading

Deep Thinking for teaching reading & reading comprehension

Deep Thinking

Teachers will have a deep understanding of concepts in reading and reading comprehension, based in evidence-based research and for prioritizing effective instruction for students’ learning in their classroom and using formative assessment.

Course Details

Completing "Deep Thinking" will contribute 9 hours of NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) Registered PD addressing 1.2.2, 5.1.2, 6.2.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.
Knowledge: Learning, Fluency and Skill Development

Knowledge: Learning

This is a “Knowledge” Course - a course about essential concepts for effective teaching and learning. This first “Knowledge” Course confirms the importance of learning stages and fluency, for effective learning, for students and everyone. Teachers review how people learn, and apply this to their students’ learning needs, within and beyond language and literacy, focusing on curriculum, fluency, skill development and cognitive load. This course is for all teachers who want their students to learn more effectively and learn how to learn!

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